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Friday, March 24, 2006

Emotional Health = perfect health
Have you ever wondered what is the secret , to be total healthy ? I know ... most of us don't even have a clue ...and accept so much symptoms daily ... or take drugs on a regular basis to cover them up..... don't feel or deal with it...! Yes and we are aware that the most food out there is full of hidden toxins which affect our mood and brain activities negatively, causing us to feel lazy, tired, miserable and depressed. That most of us are not able to see the great gift of life anymore, that there is no clear plan or vision now quiet mind... only pure confusion and corruptions ! Still .... that is not the real causes of illness . How many people do you know, that don't love themselves and suffer by that, with no life purpose ...making/thinking them very ill... I know It seams to me that we all wasting time, searching for the purpose that we miss the point of just live our life’s by day ...just in the moment ... a great clear Moment!!! This is what life is all about, to be happy healthy and successful now.... No wonder why so many people are depressed and sad.. How can they find love?, if they don't even know / feel love ? How can they develop /find the strength for the discipline needed ,
to learn how to Meditate and have a healthy( normal) lifestyle? find out what love is all about.... Who they are ?
Life didn't start within us ..... life was there already... the creator is life ...the creator is love our source is perfect. If we would just accept and realize how much God /our source loves us all.... and whatever we do.... it will never change ....this love will always be there!
Because this love is unconditionally ..... and by the way we should do the same to others ..... that is all we need to do to feel love.
Stop judging ,accept the fact that we are perfect like our source , we are from the same energy and love we are love and light... perfectly created .... a masterpiece of creation !
Or did you think that with us the creator made a mistake ...???haha ... than I can only say what the bleep you know?
( more soul food in blog#3)


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