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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Love is the healing miracle !
I worked over the last 25 years as a Health and Lifestyle consultant and studied so much about natural health care, healthy and healing foods for Allergic problems and food sensitivity ....psycho somatic illnesses and Homeopathy, then turned into to psycho kinesiology and living flower essences. These are amazing tools to treat people just with Bio Energetic medicine.... Does that sound complicated ? Yes but it is just a vibrational alignment...
With the most beautiful energy in the universe ,with all I am ... just love .....
Wow how powerful that works ... ... If you want to feel that come and visit us .
We are now able to transfer with living flower essences or even with bare hands this bio energetic frequencies into your body ... some people call it a healing touch....and yes it is ….. all love .
Only Love can cure and it can heal instantly ..........if you can except that simple fact and recognize … that is you ….
You are pure love !
Than you can feel that always received love … that what can heal yourself from any ailment instantly.
And the best thing is that this love /healing is always available to assist your body your Spirit and your Soul to create peace love and harmony.It is no secret anymore you don’t need to find the missing key..... to activate your self healing.....

You can start immediately to practice healing or come for your training ...
Make your appointment for your REB session and we will show you very clearly the way....... yes and that it is so amazing ... that I could not believe it myself at first.........But now I feel blessed and I am very happy about the great results we have in anti-cancer and preventional programs.....
We are able to assist in any form of ailments ... from allergies , chronically asthma , diabetics, heart and circulation problems to fibroids (which can be not only very disturbing). I am here for you to fulfill my mission and assist everybody who would like to feel better every day... get healthy again.If you like to start a better and healthier lifestyle ... feel free to contact me via email: or call (876 ) 940 6641 or ( 876 )796 5080 Love and light to you all
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