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Friday, March 13, 2009

Feel instantly better with Bio-Energetic Alignments!

Bio energetic alignments protocol: ( therapy time short version 15-30 min.) regular therapy time 45-60 minutes.
To align manually (without any Computer equipment) the entire Bio energetic household (energy) of a person which increase the positive perfect energy flow instantly.
Including the Chakras (energy centers located all over our body ).

We apply a kinesiologic measurements also called muscle response test (on two fingers, mostly right hand).

It is focused on 3 of the most important criteria’s /Questions.
• How you think about your life (is life good)?
• How is your health? Do you feel healthy?
• How do you feel about the presents of love in your life ( this can show how deep is your connection to your creator and other Humans)
I find in most people 2 or all 3 of the above questions answered – negative - test of muscle energy = weak!

They feel bad inside, fear serious aliments and of course missing often the presents of love/self love in there life.
A clearly bad start /base for your physical energy /Immune system to build up on.
The simple reason of failure to produce /creating happiness/ endorphins!
These little happy bouncing around energy sources are the crucial key for a healthy and strong immune system.
If they are missing we have to face often deep seated depression and self sabotaging life style/habits.
It is time to change from that sad/poor attitude towards our daily life (and the thousand of decisions me make daily).
Healing and happiness can’t truly take place with this low vibration.
Or call it"lack of natural endorphin production".
I feel blessed that I can change it by applying with my hands an true and unconditional love / healing frequencies.
I also sometimes use LIVING PLANT ESSENCES /natures perfect frequencies, developed by Dr. Davis (Tennessee) which have strong emotional balancing effects on Humans.

The most important fact is to keep my Energies easily up at all time is using “the power of words.”
Silently repeated “love, harmony and healing” over and over by holding hands is doing the amazing frequency transfer into the person connected to my hands. ( like the electro shock transfer /accumulation effect , when you try to touch /get of someone who gets electrified, very dangerous because you get the double portion.
In our case very useful to get double dose so the clients can feel result in a couple of minutes the entire system has changed.
The before and after test proves it and the client feel most astound the powerful different in his muscle responds.

All answers are positive now !

Most clients feel different and sometimes they get a little emotional but mostly the start smiling and shine bright and happy out of there eyes.
That is a wonderful experience and result for both of us.
It can take up to a couple of minutes, but then they start feeling a release/lost a burden and feel wonderful.
Often the Pain, stress and tension/uneasy they brought into the session completely disappeared.

Isn’t it a blessing to be able to create Wellbeing in just a couple of minutes.?
I truly love my work.

This great condition and positive attitude last at leased for 48 hours and should be repeated a couple of times, so that the memory effect of the positive/happy vibration can manifest.

How often do we need Bio-Energetic alignments?
That completely depends on your condition and your life situation.
Some people come ones a month to be realigned and tell me about there great improvements in life.
Some just needed one alignment which lasted for a couple of Month but also some have experienced life changes.

Would you like to try it …to feel the energy increase?
Feel free to email me : to schedule your appointment or
call me at (876) 484 1165
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At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so amazing. I will remember,
“love, harmony and healing” when I meditate too. I'm so glad you don't really get a big electric shock. It sounds so very powerful and I know our bodies have an aura from the electrical activity that our bodies generate. I've read books about it and have always been fascinated by how amazing our bodies are. Thank you for your article. I'll be in touch. T

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Harmonygardensjamaica said...

Thank you T.
That was very kind of you to leave such nice comment
Keep up the great research for your enlightenment.
Knowledge is power!

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Harmonygardensjamaica said...

Bio- Energetic Medicine High tech is availabe in a laptop theses days.
I am fascinated by the SCIO system.
It is just amazing to see how this program can align the body so fast and efficient.
In a couple of minutes you feel the different

this computer system is availabe in Germany for approx. 22000US


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