come and have a Healthy Holiday in Jamaica , the perfect get away to get well !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cleansing and weight balancing for the entire family !

Perfect Belly Flat - Cleansing plan!
This Christmas you are doing it better .... start the new year with a total health make over !!!!!
Happy Holidays

Here your Cleasing Plan !
by Sigrid Ribbe H.H.P.
Created with love and light to assist you in finding your perfect weight and great Health… very soon!
Let me help you to control Your Cravings, Naturally! come and discover safe, and complete natural appetite suppressants that really work . Lose weight easy and naturally:

11 fat-busting Power foods , vitamins and minerals

1. A new, breakthrough fatty acid from the Japanese Algae (Super food) intake by
56 percent in overweight women.
Dosage of Chlorellas :
first week
take 3 time daily 5 Tabs with plenty springwater
second week
take 3 times daily 8 tabs with plenty spring water
third week
take 3 time 10 tabs with plenty water 20 minuts best befor meals
fourth week
take 3 times daily 15 tabs with plenty spring water ................................for the next 3 weeks... and see the resuld on your scale ...

2. Kamut Wheatgrass the Natural alternatives to weight loss drugs.
the best and natural calcium and Chlorophil supplay with clean the colon for the perfect and
regular performance .

3. Goji Berries shows results in automatic weight loss. The true Secrets for staying healthy
even while eating less eating the right and most nutrients in yourt food ... choose
concious... and eat at leased 6 time daily ... 5 Goji Berries or mix 15 in your daily fruitshake
p.s ... Goji berries make you happy.... the produce naturally endorphines

4. 84 More nutrients ( resonalbe supplement ) by simply seasoning your food with the
Crystaline energy from the Himalaya Mountains ! The Himalayan Crystal salt has
the original blue print of the healthy and perfect Human body cellstructure ,re-align
yourself ...

5. How to halt the vicious cycle of cravings and weight gain adding organic
Green tea into your diet … in capsule form easy and every where !
Drink after every meal a little cup of herbal tea.... that works miracles

6. Assist & Stimulate the mother of the detoxification organs ( the Liver)with the right amount
of Bitters and natural Vitamin C from GSE (Grapefruit seed extract)

7. Colon Clean Program is the guaranty for a health Immune system and perfect weight at all
times so try our Pro- Fiber shake -known from organic by nature that really works to
keep the colon in proper action and supply the body with sprouted energy = best quality!

8. Healthy Colon with the secret Tea from Brazil….. Lapacho Tea the delicious tea
which helps to burn fat with pleasure….

9. Healthy Colon with Green clay…. alcaline the entire Body with natural Calcium
and feel the great different in your digestion…and see results on your skin, hair and nails

10. Black Caraway seed ( also called " the seeds of blessings" ) for a clean colon and proper
smooth digestion when taken 3 times 1/2 half teaspoon with your meals.

11. Noni the miracle fruit from The Caribbean which supply the body and specially the
liver with a high amount of urgent needed enzymes ….for the proper digestion and bring
life in you Body and mind ! Noni is the secret for cleansing…. And depression…. If you
drink Noni every morning you create happiness for the hole day…. Try for your self…and
be amazed…. My Family and me call it already laughing Juice ….!

Clean Colon ,wash out your system regular ( twice a year for exactly 6 weeks ) from parasites by using our Colon & parasite clean Program from Harmony Gardens best prices availabe
write me an email and ask me how to do with ease

Take a look at your Tongue !
Clean your tongue always after brushing your teeth at leased strive it 4-6 times properly from the back to the front ! We have special tongue cleaner available ( 4.50 US$)
Morning treat between 6.00 -8.00 am:
Green healing clay ever morning on a empty stomach (also recommended with one teaspoon of brine from the Himalaya ).Take 1 teaspoon of Clay in an 8 oz Glass of Spring water mixed it well and drink before it Seattle again on the glass bottle
Put ½ hour later 1 Glass Water with 1 ½ teaspoon full of Fiber shake for 5 minutes to soak !! and afrter the 5-10 minutes drink it ….with always a light breakfast … cooked foods in the early morning plaese
mostly fruit plates with Almonds Pumpkin seed and 8 Chlorellas.
Or a bowel with Kashi Cereals (Made from Kamut wheat )… with Rice dream or the liquid whipping cream and water mix! 50%-50%
Second breakfast /morning snack After 10 .00 am
1 glass of Kamut Wheat Grass powder for a perfect cleansing of the colon …maybe some Goji Berries
Coconut Raisin Cookies Or energy Balls from dried fruits
Lunch Time : take with the meal at leased 6-8 Chlorellas

You mite not like to hear that but it is very Important … we have to reduce or completely avoid Meat … special now in the time of mass production Hormonal raised horrible sloter very sick Animals ,who live on antibiotic just to survive 6 weeks… But the main reason is that Human Colon are not made for meat digestion in the first place …they are much to long ( for the longer processing of grains and beans) but if we eat it sometimes we have to insure to eat the right spices and seasoning with it to kill instantly the parasites and bacteria’s which always come in withy the meat… and also the hidden and very tiny small parasite eggs which searching for a new body to Seattle and hostage … to bread more and more and eat us slowly alive.. rob us our nutrients and weakens the entire system… anyhow the slowly moving digestion time of 6-8 hours is for meat much to long and causes gas and toxicity and weakens this way our Immune system.
So be conscious !!!!
Balanced food contains all needed Nutrients and will create perfect health.
60-70 % Fruits and Vegetables( Vitamins and Minerals) 20-30 % Grains (Energy & Fiber ) 10-20 % Plant Protein..
Of course eat Life Food that means preferable … 80 % raw … yes I know … that sound hard …. But it is easily done by eating 2 big salads a day with a delicious natural Salad dressing …( or try our Pitta Sandwiches filled with a wide variety of raw salads and pickles) very easy done …and 2 large Fruits plates maybe for lunch a nice cup of soup with the beans as the protein and a nice dinner with everything … Vegetables like Callaloo and bread fruit, Jam , dasheene, Irish ,pumpkin and so on… Fresh salt water fish is ok to eat 2-3 times weekly …and if you take Chlorellas in combination …. You have the guaranty that the toxins from the already polluted Ocean and the heavy metals don’t stay in your system…..
Please eat lot’s of raw food like salads … big bowels full of different color arranged … like Red and green sweet peppers , Cabbage ( please rinsed in GSE) Tomatoes , Corn, Zucchini , Radish , Parsley or red Onions sprinkle Sunflower or pumpkin seeds on it or seeds or Almonds or cashew nuts … Soups are only recommended made from Vegetables and so many different types available Beans /lintels split peace in a coconut rundown with a little Ginger very delicious .
The After noon is the perfect time to have a nice Smoothie possible with a teaspoon of Kamut or Fiber shake ! or … ½ hour before the dinner
If you feel hungry please snack only on a mixture of some Almonds, Pumpkin seeds ,Cashew nuts, Goji Berries !!! or some dry Coconuts pieces freshly opened
Dinner time from 5.30 – 6.30 pm
One nice Meal combined with lot’s of Vegetables …Balanced ( see above )!

Important : please don’t eat after 7.00 pm anything heavy….because there is no more digestive activity happening… and so the food stayes and spoil internal until 5.00 am in the next morning!!!!

Sleeping time is healing Time!
We all need a good rest ( beauty sleep)…but specially with a high stress level in the day times need at leased 6- 8 Hours daily (depending on age)
Please (take before Bed time )1/2 -1 tea spoon of Healing Clay again in a glass of Spring Water.
Insure this so important rest don’t go skip that so very important rest at the right time … Sun and moon rhythms are very powerful influenced with your Body and can causes Immune system dysfunction when ignored !!! Specially Kids 1-2 years need to sleep at leased 12-14 hours daily and need in bed latest at 7.30 - 8.00 pm … and kids 4-7years latest 8.00 -8.30 pm…. Kids 7-14 years 9.00 -9.30 pm.
More Information:
H.H.P. Sigrid Ribbe
Phone : (876)796-5080
or 484 -1165