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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Perfect & Health Conscious Gift for you

Concious health care for your Family, Friends, Colleagues or Staff

Nowadays we are permanently surrounded by computers and mobile telephones...and wondering why our immune system is getting weaker and allergies are increasing dramatically in the past 15 years !?

Mini Micro wave oven next to your brain!
Do you know that just 1 minute of cellphone radiation, causes a temperature increase in your brain of approx 1-3 degrees? Imagine what you doing ot your brain when you talk 15 minutes?

Cellphones are no fun toys...! Please educate the already overly irritated yought !

Please be conscious and use it only for emergency calls , let them or you call back from a close by landline !
In any case be cool and paste the Mini Harmonizer…on all your electronic devices !

Do you feel already pain in your ears ?
Did you feel the heat it creates after a long call?

Did you experience a headache after speaking to long on the cell?

The little and very effective Harmonizer is your
solution in any case of Radiation

A federal survey found that one in 12 computer monitors was leaking enough
X-rays to expose the operator to the equivalent of one chest X-ray every day.

Many more symptoms At first, the symptoms are mainly localized to the skin, but later dizziness,
headaches, exhaustion, lack of
concentration, oblivion, muscle and skeletal pains, stomach aches, palpitations,
weakening of hands and joints,
cramps and fainting also develop. It has been suggested that the so-called
Repetitive Strain Syndrome*** (RSI) is also connected to VDT exposure9).

Great News …….
you are able to Counteract Electro-RADIATION !
Because Cell Phones, Lap tops/Wireless connections and many other
nic equipment producing HARMFUL Radiation in use.

These eletronic radiation are dangerous and distructing our own brain functions.
Causing brain malfunctions concentration problems and harming your Immune system.

Harmony Gardens.....
offers a fabulous and save solution for you and your children to
stay Cool on the phone !

The little but very powerful
Mini Harmonizer sticker
Fully loaded with positive zero point energy
to counteract
any form of negative energy.

Do you know about the simple formula: - combinet with + = 0

Just stick it on your Phone , your laptop and any other radiation producing device!

As the new high tech Laptops lasting with larger batteries ... they create even more health damaging radiation!

We recomment you to place 2 -3 on your Lap top and you feel an amazing
different and calmness wile using it ( now with harmonizer protection)!

Be conscious about your health and the Immune system of
your children
who trust in us and think when we give them
an I-pot it is ok to sleep with it!???

Oh now ... please eductae your children!

Below you can check out where
and how many Harmonizing Sticker you actually need?

Price 35 US each
Family pack of 10 sticker $ 325 US

Cell Phone 1 sticker
Cordless Phone 2 sticker
Desktop Computer 3 sticker
Printer, close to you? 1 sticker
Laptop 3 sticker
Mouse pat (great effect) 1 sticker
Handheld Computer 1 sticker
Game Station 3 sticker
I-Pod 1 sticker
TV 2 sticker
Refrigerator 2 sticker
Microwave 4 sticker
Hair Dryer 2 sticker
Automobile Battery 3 sticker
Vacuum Cleaner 2 sticker
Coffee Maker 1 sticker
Alarm Clock 1 sticker
Electric Fan 1 sticker

If you like to buy the Harmonizers please email:
Or call us 876) 484 1165 or 796 5080
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Noni the miracle plant with amazing health benefits !

You might have heard about Noni already ...and might think it is that funky cheesy smelling, bad tasting dark,fermented juice what promised us perfect health!

Here are some great news...!

Harmony Gardens promotes only the enzyme loaded "fresh extracted" Noni Fruit juice !

Natures life force for a great performance!

Noni a miracle agent for all ailments !

A gift from Mother Nature for your health !
(finally even our Jamaican Noni Juice get famous)

“Natural Energizer & Alkalizer to balance the ph level in your Body”

Note: The fermented version of Noni Juices on the market has (like any fermented product) naturally a fungus!

We all need to realize that in these days where Allergies taking over our Immune system dramatically ... that fungus in our system over growing /cause of these immune diseases / malfunctions.

Every Anti biotic you take .. is a next strain of (anti life form)fungus entering your body to scan you entires settle most likely on our weak spots( old wounds ,scars /never properly healed old little left over spots from cuts and surgeries!

The fungus need weak cells /death cells to Lodge on and start growing out of control..(specially in People who suffer with depression of any form.

As you might know those individuals most likely do not care about a healthy diet anyways..!
They often live on a too much sweets and carbs diet(totally out of balance)
or may be addicted to sodas..and/or drink to much alcohol on a regular base.

This are the perfect host for fungus development ...
"because Fungus feed on sweets!"

What happen when the fungus controls us and we are already addicted to sweets?

Too many people suffer with multiple fungus ( disease) symtomes over many years and have no clue what is their really health problem!
Yes and nobody will ever tell them!

learn more about fungus in your body and what it has to do with eating chicken !

Thousands of people or morelikely millions are suffering already with Sinus ,Asthma, Yeast infection, Fibrosis, Impotency and Prostate enlargement and wondering where they got they fungus from?

Do you really wonder ?

When we open our eyes we can see the simple Fact of consuming a with anti biotic overloaded Chicken will deliver all those ailments and medication(they got in their sad 6 weeks life span) delivered right into our body!

Nobody tells you that they are hormonally raised and kept only alive for 6 weeks because of over dosages of Antibiotic(fungus) Yes the Chicken , Turkey and Salmon makes you sick?
How much longer you like to suffer and live in denial!?
Clean your system and get ride of the fungus and parasites and feel free to eat more and more Vegetables and fruits !
Let’s get creative and join our Vegetarian cooking classes (delicious Fun for everyone )
Drink every day fresh prepared Noni juice or surprise your Family with a delicious Noni Fruit smoothie so everyone can enjoy optimum health.’

Amazing Health Benefits of fresh Noni !
Arthritis :
Xeronine link found in Noni fruit has the ability to "help cure various manifestations of diseases such as cancer, Diabetes m Senility, Arthritis, High blood pressure and low blood pressure." Anecdotal surveys have found that Noni repeatedly eases the joint pain associated with arthritic disease. One link to arthritic pain may be the inability to properly or completely digest proteins which can then form crystal-like deposits in joints. The ability of noni fruit to enhance protein digestion through enhanced enzymatic function may help to eliminate this particular phenomenon. In addition, the alkaloid compounds and plant metabolites of Noni may be linked to its apparent anti-inflammatory action. Plant sterols can assist in inhibiting the inflammatory response which causes swelling and pain. In addition, the antioxidant effect of noni may help to decrease free radical damage in joint cells, which can exacerbate discomfort and degeneration.
Diabetes- While Scientific studies are lacking in this particular application of noni, Hawaiians used various parts of this plant and its fruit to treat blood sugar disorders. Anecdotal surveys have found that the fresh prepared “enzyme booster” Noni is currently recommended for anyone with diabetes because of it’s amazing alkalizing effect .
Noni stimulate and clean the liver , rejuvenating of the pancreas organ and assist the Kidneys with it’s cleansing of the blood .

High Blood pressure ~is a simple deficiency cy of Nutrients and specially Vitamin c and enzymes.
Noni is a Nutrient booster and carry a high amount of enzymes to regulate your liver function and cleans out naturally the arteries for a perfect free flowing blood pressure.
Immune System- The Alkaloid and other chemical compounds found in Noni have proven themselves to effectively control or kill over 6 types of infectious bacterial strains, including Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella typhi (and other types), shigella paradysenteriae, and staphylococcus aureaus.¹ In addition, damncanthol was able to inhibit the early antigen stage of the Epstein-Barr virus. The bio-active components of the whole plant, combined or in separate portions, have demonstrated the ability to inhibit several different strains of bacteria. Anecdotal reports support this action in that fresh extracted Noni seems particularly effective in shortening the duration of certain types of infection.
This may explain why Noni is commonly used to treat colds and flu and lethargy .

Nutritional Boost-
More and more research suggests that because M. citrifolia compounds enable the immune system to function more effectively, taking the herb in concentrated forms may significantly boost health and performance. These compounds appear to have the ability to increase the absorption, assimilation, and utilization of vitamins and minerals. The presence of proxeronine in noni initiates a rise of xeronine in the intestinal tract which enables the walls of the intestines to more efficiently absorb various nutrients, especially amino acids. Vitamins act synergistically with xeronine to nourish all boy systems.

Skin-Healing Agent-

One of the most prevalent historical uses of noni was in poultice form for cuts, wounds, abrasions, burns, and bruises. Using its fruit extract for very serious burns has resulted in some extraordinary healing. Because skin is comprised of protein, it immediately responds t the presence of xeronine. When the skin is broken or traumatized, proxeronine enters the affected region from surrounding areas, the xeronine synthesis subsequently rises, enhancing healing and tissue regeneration. Burns are especially vulnerable to this biochemical process. Consequently, boosting xeronine production within a burn site through the direct application of a noni poultice is considered quite effective by Dr. Heinicke and his colleagues, who have studied enzymatic therapy. Concerning burns, he has written:
I believe that each tissue has cells which contain proteins which have receptor sites for the absorption of xeronine. Certain of these proteins are inert forms of enzymes which require absorbed xeronine to become active. This xeronine, by converting the body's procollangenase system into a specific protease, quickly and safely removes the dead tissue from burns.¹

Treating Drug Addiction-/ Depression The link to treating drug addiction and depression is based on the notion that flooding the brain with extra xeronine can reverse the neurochemical basis for addiction. This natural alkaloid is thought to normalize brain receptors which subsequently results in the cessation of physiological dependence on a certain chemical like nicotine.¹ The potential of Jamaican Noni as a natural stimulator for the production of Xeronine may have profound implications in treating not only various types of addictions. Alcohol, Tobacco, Coffee , Ganja , Pain Killer or other Pharmaceutical drugs also people suffering from Mood swings , depression / By polar symptoms Might-life crisis/Menno pause symptoms find great result consuming daily 16 oz fresh extracted Noni Juice .
Anyone has a chance to stop taking medication and go natural!
More Information
And where to find your fresh extracted Noni Juice( unfermented /fungus free)
Harmony Gardens Health Oasis ,Phone : 876- 7965080 or 484 1165