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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cancer and what could be behind !!!

No more fear… yes , welcome your sickness

Powerful and so important update !

I was doing some research for the Cancer book I'm writing & came across something I think is so profound. Here it is.

“Several years ago in one of our leadership workshops, a Jamaican man from the World Bank named F.H told a story that moved people very deeply. A few years earlier he had been diagnosed with a termi¬nal disease. After consulting a number of doctors, who all confirmed the diagnosis, he went through what everyone does in that situation. For weeks he denied it. But gradually, with the help of friends, he came to grips with the fact that he was only going to live a few more months. ‘Then something amazing happened,’ he said. ‘I simply stopped doing everything that wasn’t essential, that didn’t matter. I started working on projects with kids that I’d always wanted to do. I stopped arguing with my mother. When someone cut me off in traffic or something happened that would have upset me in the past, I didn’t get upset. I just didn’t have the time or energy to waste on any of that.’

>“Near the end of this period, F. began a wonderful new relation¬ship with a woman who thought that he should get more opinions about his condition. He consulted some doctors in the States and soon after got a phone call saying, ‘We have a different diagnosis.’ The doc¬tor told him he had a rare form of a very curable disease. And then came the part of the story I’ll never forget. F. said, ‘When I heard this over the telephone, I cried like a baby–because I was afraid my life would go back to the way it used to be.’
“It took a scenario that he was going to die for Fred to wake up. It took that kind of shock for his life to be transformed. Maybe that’s what needs to happen for all of us, for everyone who lives on Earth. That could be what a requiem scenario offers us."
Anyhow I feel that the time has come that we all recognize that there are no sicknesses out there … they are create inside of us … especially in our mind… and when we finally learn… that the mind is controllable from our divine and perfect healthy spirit… than our physical body has nothing else to do than to be always perfect healthy too…. That was the divine intention… with us “ the master piece of creation” ! Remember God don’t make mistakes ….

Please except one so crucial fact for your future !
mind over matter ..

We have to stop living in denial , it is a fact that our minds are programmed from so many sometimes corrupted , yes negative and of course also positive experience in our past ...
So when we now try to make an conscious decision we fail…. Because if we can’t let go of that past experience we will always judge as we experienced … that free and open mind ( like a little child is gone ) hidden behind all that experience.

To be really free , we need to free us from any past .
Open up to realize that new and great moment … full of infinite possibilities!
Yes you can claim all what you desire in this moment ….
Are you ready?

Can you be here and now ? in this so wonderful moment ........?
Yes we can learn to control out Mind ...
The first step is the clear recognition …
that I am … not my Mind !

Wow … I am me and I have a mind ….

Great now you get closer ..
These two are 2 separate entities which interacting permanently,,,with each other but …. They can be clearly controlled by a conscious spirit and operate perfectly in harmony. For a happy and harmonious life .

Is that mind trying to control you most of the time and it gives us most of the time no choice ….
That is not right and that’s why our life’s are always the same … same olf story happen over and over again…
is the way it is …because It runns on a program over and over .
Do you like it?
If not claim the power to change it!
So as of now take the power back and learn to first listen…
Like me …..I will listen as of now, more often ,,, what that permanent chit chat talking Mind , that so influencing manipulating mind is up to ….
and I will be now able to tell it to shut up if I hear fear talking... and except the fact of being in great health, perfect as God created us.!

Trust in it … even if your physical being is not feeling this way yet it can be achieved with ease)
Because the creator loves so much and his intention should be very clear right now !
He don't make mistakes and he is a perfectionist that’s why he created life the way it is … self sustaining self healing … life is always the most powerful force existing in this universe.

I which you to see the light and feel the Love, I wish you enlightenment and the recognition of your perfection.
Love and light