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Saturday, September 23, 2006

MInd control and emotional issues naturally treated !

Get out of your mind to come to your senses ...NOW !

Let me assist you to let go and come in this so wonderful "NOW " moment to be free !

The power of your thoughts/ mind programing from your past is the biggest obstacle to overcome in our life time!

Do you think... you really know who is in control inside of your head?

Who is the boss who run or ruin our life?

We all must wonder sometimes who is making all that actually self sabotaging decisions !?
Yes of course we all do and ask us after could that happen to me … where was I with my mind?

To figure out this so profound question of WHO is in charge of my Mind is a very powerful question and already a great move into a better now !

A very silent so important Moment of self realization !
Who is that thinker ... who create /thinks my thoughts?

Not bad if you already ask yourself that questions my dear and
Eckhart Tolle can assist you greatly to find more clarification to that first step to a conscious mind question!

More great news the astounding 2,5 hour REB session we developed after 18 years research for mind clarification and optimum health....will do the needed believe system changes / transforming /deprogramming of negative self distracting thoughts/behavior patters.

Email me for more information on REB :

Unhappiness and the attraction to negative people and negative events in our life
are simply based on a wrong /faulty believe system created in your child hood try to keep you there and feel :
I am not worth it...
Nobody loves or cares for me ..
I am stupid
I am ugly ...and so forth!

Become aware and regain your powers ....
There are 3 different entities inside of us sitting in the same boat.... searching for the way... back to heaven!

I am happy to be able to see and share with you that little light I see out there which is guiding us .. show us the way ... enlightenment to bliss through emotional release .

How can we align ?

the I am, the highest self / my spirit ..
And than there is that so easily corruptible/operating system ( the Mind …!)

3) the subconscious (a place where we store past experiences (trauma/bad experiences/hurt and so forth) ... and if we never clean out here and hold on to those burdens ...we have it all in there blocking us for ever !

How can you too be free and happy for the rest of your life!

REB (Releasing Emotional Blockages) will work guaranty also for you!
We have done so far over 2350 successful REB session and feel truly overwhelmed with amazing testimonials of the life changing results of our clients.

Do not wait any longer life is to short to wait! ……
Old time emotional garbage we carry, heavy loads of sad feelings achieved in " school of living life on earth " are the programs our parents , teachers and many influential people in our past which they may have repeatedly placed in our heads/ subconscious !

I know we can remember all those :
You are a not good !
You are greedy !
You will be never make it ... and more such really wrong statements of unbalanced emotionally instable persons... who really them self has no clue what they are doing !

They told us are a bad girl/ boy! You don't one of the worse on!

Please let go on these so unconscious wrong illusions and look at you .. it is not you at all!

We all deserve the very best in life and our creator gave us infinite possibilities to enjoy our existence.

It is time to step up... It is your harvest time ... let me help you to get ready for it now!

But what if we really believe we did something wrong ?
Of course we can see there are rules in life and we have to obey some..but remember we are all victims of those programs...and when we did things, we our self judge as bad.. wrong ... we need to see that this was not really (conscious us ) doing it!

We have to learn and life is in a perfect divine order ... there are still infinite possibilities to break free break out to live a happy and healthy life for all of us!

You have all the right to be happy and successful!
Claim it now !

Cost for the REB session per hour 150 US and a full session takes approx. 2,-2,5 hours max.

All clients who have experiences the REB dis state that those 300 was the most worthily investment they ever did for there bright future and it gave some a real chance to find back that urgent needed self love /discipline to recover from their terminal illness.

Are you ready to consciously and in yourself a weekend on this wonderful "Island of Wood and waters "?

I send you my love and enlightenment for a great decision of yours in this so amazing NOW!

Call me for your appointment or email me if you need more detailed information on REB ( Releasing Emotional Blockages)

Spend a 4 day wellcation (including REB) with me in Jamaica ( cost approx. 890 US)

Feel loved and pampered, enjoy the most delicious healthy foods you ever tasted and experience some of the best moments in your life!

I am here for you.....
Sigrid Ribbe HHP: 876
Phone 484 1165 or 876 796 5080

Florida US : 786 463 5189

*** soon more about the mind power control and de-programing possibilities***

We will provoke your mind with conscious question for your self realization and assist figure out...
...if you ever tryed stop thinking?



Love is the healing miracle !
I worked over the last 25 years as a Health and Lifestyle consultant and studied so much about natural health care, healthy and healing foods for Allergic problems and food sensitivity ....psycho somatic illnesses and Homeopathy, then turned into to psycho kinesiology and living flower essences. These are amazing tools to treat people just with Bio Energetic medicine.... Does that sound complicated ? Yes but it is just a vibrational alignment...
With the most beautiful energy in the universe ,with all I am ... just love .....
Wow how powerful that works ... ... If you want to feel that come and visit us .
We are now able to transfer with living flower essences or even with bare hands this bio energetic frequencies into your body ... some people call it a healing touch....and yes it is ….. all love .
Only Love can cure and it can heal instantly ..........if you can except that simple fact and recognize … that is you ….
You are pure love !
Than you can feel that always received love … that what can heal yourself from any ailment instantly.
And the best thing is that this love /healing is always available to assist your body your Spirit and your Soul to create peace love and harmony.It is no secret anymore you don’t need to find the missing key..... to activate your self healing.....

You can start immediately to practice healing or come for your training ...
Make your appointment for your REB session and we will show you very clearly the way....... yes and that it is so amazing ... that I could not believe it myself at first.........But now I feel blessed and I am very happy about the great results we have in anti-cancer and preventional programs.....
We are able to assist in any form of ailments ... from allergies , chronically asthma , diabetics, heart and circulation problems to fibroids (which can be not only very disturbing). I am here for you to fulfill my mission and assist everybody who would like to feel better every day... get healthy again.If you like to start a better and healthier lifestyle ... feel free to contact me via email: or call (876 ) 940 6641 or ( 876 )796 5080 Love and light to you all
(More about the corrupted mind in blog4 )